Eyebrow microblading & shading are techniques used to create or enhance naturally beautiful brows! This service is considered semi-permanent and the longevity will vary from person to person.


Initial sessions are a two session process. The second session needs to take place approximately 8 weeks after the first one. The same before and after care instructions must be followed for each appointment. 

 Before / After Care Instructions :

  •  no extreme sun exposure 2 weeks before and after sessions. 

  • no swimming / saunas for 2 weeks after sessions. 

  •  no botox / intense skin treatments 2 weeks before / after sessions. 

  •  no alcohol consumption 24 hours before / after sessions. 

  •  no sweating during the duration of healing (7-10 days.)

You can find more information by visiting my website below. Free consultations are available if you have more specific questions. My current schedule only allows me to book brow appointments on certain week days. If you are needing an evening or weekend appointment I will not be able to accommodate your schedule. 

Deposits are required in order to book an appointment. 

$300 | 2 1/2 HOURS

This is for all new clients or those who have gone 24 months or more since their last session. The Perfecting Touchup Session is required for all new clients and will be an additional $150.

If you have had previous work done by another artist you will have to book this session regardless of the amount of time since your last appointment.

$50 deposit required to book. 

$150 | 2 HOURS

This session must be completed 8-10 weeks after the initial full service session to build up color and perfect the shape. Any perfection touch ups completed AFTER the 10 week mark are subject to an additional $50 fee. This is ONLY for those who have previously had an initial session in the last 8-10 weeks.

$50 deposit requried to book. 

$250+ | 2 1/2 HOURS

This maintenance service is if your Perfecting Touch Up Session was between 12 and 24 months ago. The cost for this session ranges between $250 and $400 dependent on how your work has aged. This is only available to clients who have already had an initial session performed with Tammy Carroll.

$50 required to book. 

If you need to reschedule your appointment, deposits will be refunded as long as you give at least a 72 hour notice. 

Please be sure to read through the FAQs on the 'about' page on my website to find out if you are a good candidate for cosmetic brow tattooing as well as to be sure you choose a time when you can follow the before and after care instructions. 


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